What’s “new growth”?

a) A phrase symbolizing the in between stages of kinky hair, the most “alive” part, the part in between the scalp and what’s visible to everyone.

b) An exploration of this particular moment in the world where all sorts of systems are collapsing, people are doing some different things and nothing looks quite clear or sure—and perhaps it never was.

c) A metaphor for what I’m trying to “be on”–newness and growth. Like all the time.

d) Some stuff I want you to read and watch.

e) All of the above.

So back to option (d)– here’s what informs virtually everything I write, film or teach.

1. Don’t separate myself from any issue (Objectivity? C’mon…)
2. Consider all issues as complex and necessarily intertwined with other ones. Sometimes context is more important than the issue/story itself.
3. Think critically and try to be aware of any biases informing my coverage and how they may influence, adversely or not, those who engage with my pieces.

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