Black Women’s Blueprint-End of Year Video  (prod 2018)

Fun, end of year celebration of the work and accomplishments of a Brooklyn-based black feminist organization that’s making moves.


Her Name Sounds Like (prod 2016)

A film short that makes visual the notion that black women are central to all movements, including black lives matter. #sayhername is the idea that black women who have been the target of police/state brutality must have their names spoken by us all. This piece includes an excerpt of a poem performed by Aja Monet Bacquie at a #sayhername demonstration in New York City. Performance artist kenya.robinson is shown in this piece clapping to make sound visible.


Black Girls Face: R. Kelly (prod 2006)

Part personal essay, part documentary, this piece uses the case of controversial and popular R&B singer R. Kelly to show black womanhood in different ways. The director uses close ups of four younger black women’s faces and values their individual voices and collective experiences to do this.


The New Museum-Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter, September 2017

Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival, September 2007

Voices Unbroken-Girls Program, Spring 2008

Women Action & Media Conference, March 2009

NYC Grassroots Media Conference, May 2009

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  1. Kathy Bardales Sardena says:

    Congratulations on the website and now I’ve finally seen the work that I’ve been waiting to see for so long! Thoughtful and introspective work, Toks. Keep it up!

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